Block My World is a fantastic free-form Augmented Reality building game that allows you to create awesome constructions in your own, real-world, surroundings. From the simple to the truly ambitious, the only limit is your imagination.

Craft buildings or creatures, form complex domino rallies, build pool tables or bowling alleys, sculpt epic statues or design entire landscapes.

Save your creations then keep returning to make your designs bigger, better and ever more intricate. The possibilities are endless!

Get inspired!

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Key features:
  • Blocks: choose from building blocks, dominos, balls and ramps and then apply a huge range of colours and textures (brick, wood, grass, cobblestones, dominos, fabrics, foliage, billiard balls and more)

  • Build: with the base set of blocks provided, virtually any kind of construction is possible: from simple structures to epic mansions, crazy creatures, colossal towers, monumental bridges and magnificent AR sculptures.

  • Play: create your own games as real physics are applied to the augmented reality world – you can give your objects a “Prod” and watch what unfolds as the dominos and balls react.

  • Replay: re-stack your blocks and replay your Prods at your leisure

  • Save: save your progress and pick up where you left off on your return to the app. There is even an autosave in case you forget!

  • Videos: record movies of your AR creations and Prods and share them with friends

  • So what are you waiting for? Block your world!

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